Friday, January 24, 2014

A bit of 3D

There' has been a bit too much stuff to do besides FMP work, but I believe I've managed to get quite a bit of work done. The building modules were remade to fit CryEngine grid, and some actual details have been modelled. Main issue with these is to make all the pieces fit together without gaps. In the beginning I defined standard size of the individual modules of the house. However, it causes issues with roof, curb and road pieces, as they don't necessarily fit the building in the end. All because of the underlying measurement issues.
In any case, after making some compromises everything fits, and quite a lot of building shapes can be achieved with this kit.

Modelling process is not especially challenging, but rather... tedious? There is quite a lot of repetitive work. It should become much more fun once I get to make decoration elements.

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